"The Rotation" - Clear Anodized-Silver **discounted *blemish model**#TSS-26-S

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Blemished S/N #TSS-26-S **note pictures**  The blemishes are visual, however, they do not affect the function of the stand.

** Limited discounted stands due to flaws from anodized process** **Contact for further information and pictures**

Our first offering from Timmons Shave Stands incorporates enough storage for a week's worth of shaves using your favorite tools, or to display your collection in a classy manner. 

Dimensions: "Base" is 4" in diameter and the "Top" is 6" in diameter, with a "Height" of 6"

Brush cutout: 1 1/16"     

Razor cutout: Approx. 3/4" diameter

Razor slots, and brush slots will fit most; however, it is not feasible to accommodate all of the many variances within our hobby