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Store Closing Sale!

All inventory must go!  We only have lightly blemished stands in stock.
All stands include detailed pictures displaying the minor defects from the anodizing process.  All blemishes are visual, however, they do not affect the function in any way.  All sales are final.  Last chance to own these one-of- kind shave stands!!

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Our story....It's a family thing

The beauty of shaving now has storage to match.

Timmons Shave Stands has filled the gap for those in need of storing multiple razors and brushes in a beautiful and functional way.  The capacity of storing 8 razors and 4 brushes is the first of it's kind.  The patent applied design incorporates a rotating base, which creates a storage solution which frees up counter space, tucks away in a cabinet, or on a shelf.  Proudly dreamt, designed, machined, and finished in the USA.

The Rotation

The Rotation

Quality not quantity

AVAILABILITY IS LIMITED. This is truly a small, family business, with our primary focus on that family. It should be clear to help with expectations that we do not produce stands in mass quantities, and a short wait may be required prior to receiving your stand. Timmons Shave Stands are essentially custom quality, not the cheap, mass quantity variety offered in retail. Our focus is on quality, and the level of production will vary based on our family unit, it's needs, and material availability.


Our stands are machined from solid  pieces of aluminum, and do have some weight to them.  They will break things if dropped!  Bare feet, ceramic tile, dent hardwood, etc.  Handle with caution :  )  Also, we sell stands, not razors, brushes, soaps, or any other shaving supplies.  Any of those items used on our website are of our own collection, and used strictly to show the workings of the stands.


30 Day Warranty

Timmons Shave Stands are engineered, precision machined, and assembled by humans to ensure each piece functions properly, and is packaged without flaw prior to shipment.  We are confident that there will not be any issues with the craftsmanship or functionality of the stand, and if there were to be, they would show up immediately.  Anodized coatings may wear over the course of time; however, our stands will give you many years of great service.  Enjoy our stand, and put it to good use.

(small print official stuff)

Timmons Shave Stand products are under a 30 day warranty to the original owner from the date of purchase against defects in material and workmanship.

Warranty does not cover damage due to improper use, normal wear and tear (e.g. scratches), buyer’s remorse, as well as, defects that have a negligible effect on the operation of stand.

To obtain service within the warranty period have a copy of the original purchase receipt and simply contact us at ( and we will repair or replace the defective part.

Nick Shaves reviews our stand! Highlight at 6:45